Fun and Easy Halloween Snacks for Kids on the Spookiest Day in the Year


The sheer number of ideas when it comes to Halloween Snacks is proof that the celebration is becoming more popular with each passing year.

Once seen as a poor relation to Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween was rarely celebrated or even acknowledged. However, Halloween is fast becoming a popular time of year, with more people decorating their homes, dressing up and throwing spooky Halloween celebrations.

So whether it is taking the kids trick or treating, throwing a fun-filled costume party or simply passing on a favorite Halloween snack recipe, food is a major part of this time honored celebration.

A contraction of All Hallows Eve, Halloween is generally observed around the world on the 31st of October – which is the eve of Christian celebration All Hallows.

Halloween is said to have both Pagan and Eastern European festival influences.

Fun Halloween Party Snacks

Cute little toddler sitting with a big pumpkin head for Halloween.If you have decided to go all out and throw a party, then you will need some suitable Halloween snacks to tie your whole party’s theme together.

Again, with a little bit of thought you don’t need to spend a lot of money and you can end up with some great Halloween party snacks your guests will be talking about well after the actual event.

Spooky Sandwiches

These welcome spirits are bound to make your Halloween party guests smile.

Simply start with a basic sandwich such as ham, peanut butter and jelly or soft cheese and cut it into a ghost shape (using a cookie cutter will make the sandwiches more uniform but you could cut the sandwiches by hand).

Use soft cheese or peanut butter to add raising eyes to your ghoul.

If you can find appropriate cookie cutters, you can make these Halloween treats in the shape of pumpkins, cats and even witches’ hats.

Boooh… Bandaged Mummy Sandwich

Going for a funny but scary AND healthy snack, this mummy sandwich is very easy to do. All you need is rye bread, cheese for bandages, red pepper for blood splashes, and e.g. olives for eyes. 🙂

Healthy ingredients to make a mummy sandwich for Halloween.

Funny mummy sandwich with cheese, pepper and olives.

RIP Coffin Sandwich

Under normal circumstances peanut butter combined with banana is a sure winner so why not transform it into a hilarious RIP coffin sandwich that your kids will love. Took me less than 5 minutes to do.

Rye bread, banana and peanut butter for coffin sandwich

Coffin sandwich with RIP for Halloween

Scary Spider Sandwich

This one I’m pretty proud of myself. I just love the angle I got on this fabulous spider sandwich. What do you think?

All ingredients are healthy and organic: rye bread, sausage, carrots and almonds giving your kids both carbs, protein and fat all in one.

Ingredients for making a spider sandwich

Healthy scary spider sandwich for Halloween

Monster Mouth

Fun healthy halloween snacks with carrots: The monster mouth.

This Halloween snack recipe is sure to be a hit with younger guests and again, is easy to make.

Simple slice a small piece of carrot into two even pieces, cover each piece generously with peanut butter or soft cheese and add raisins to look like spooky crooked teeth.

If you are looking for healthy Halloween treats, this recipe will more than fit the bill.

Mice Pita

Spooky Halloween snacks: The pita mouse.

Spread peanut butter and jelly or soft cheese into a pita bread, not forgetting to add a raisin eye and a tail.

If you’re catering for smaller guests than you may want to consider cutting the pita breads in half for smaller mice.

Easy Halloween treats like this are low in cost but big in taste and they add a cool touch to your Halloween buffet table.

Witches Fingers

These Halloween treats add a truly fantastic witchy touch to your Halloween fare.

Here is what you need: bread stick or carrot, cream cheese, almonds and avocado (voluntary) and Thai curry (voluntary).

Ingredients for Halloween witches' fingers.

  • Simply cover half a bread stick or carrot in cream cheese and add a slice almond at the top.
  • If you want to make the fingers even more spooky add a bit of mashed avocado to the cream cheese so you get green fingers.
  • Also as a nice twist I added a bit of red Thai curry to the cream cheese and avocado mix to get a bit of spiciness … and my son loved it. However, he doesn’t mind spiciness so you might want to hold back on that if your kids are a bit sensitive on that front.

Green witchy fingers for Halloween. A really healthy kid snack.

The result, a seriously scary witch’s finger – complete with finger nail.

This Halloween snack recipe is also another treat you can hand out to trick-or-treaters, although they may prefer the sweeter version, in which case replace the soft cheese with white sugared icing.

Halloween-Shaped Cookies

If you are feeling particularly creative, you could make up a basic cookie mixture (adding chocolate chips if desired) and, using cookie cutters, make the cookies into Jack O’ Lanterns, ghosts and other well known Halloween shapes.

It doesn’t matter if you are catering for kids or adults, the above Halloween snack recipes are ideal for any type of party goer.

Green Poisonous Pancakes

These pancakes are great not only for Halloween but for all year around if you think your old fashioned pancakes need some spark.

What do you need to do? Very simple: just add a bit of green food coloring to your dough. Keep on adding until the color is bright green.

In order to make the pancakes a bit more healthy, I mix in some whole grain flower with the traditional wheat flower (about 50/50). Also I leave out the sugar altogether.

Green pancakes for Halloween.

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Snacks

Scary Halloween costume: Zombie.Trick-or-treating is an age old Halloween tradition that sees children, usually dressed up for the occasion, call door-to-door in their neighborhood asking for treats – usually candy.

If a home is unwilling to provide a treat, the home owner faces the, usually empty, threat of receiving a trick.

While it is common in both America and the UK for children to receive sweet treats, in some cultures it is common for children to receive money. Although money may seem an easy way out, you can’t really express yourself through money – where as you can get creative with food.

Rather than spend a small fortune stacking up on candy, you could consider making Halloween snacks to give out to your scary callers instead.

Mouldy Pirate Popcorn

Mouldy popcorn for Halloween.

Again, this easy Halloween snack recipe is quick to make, costs very little and is bound to be a hit with trick-or-treaters of all ages.

Either buy a large bag of plain popcorn from the grocery store or make your own, add a small amount of green food coloring and you should end up with what looks like years old moldy popcorn.

You can simply place this type of Halloween party snacks in a large bowl and ask the kids to help themselves, or add a hand-sized portion to sandwich bags.

Wicked Trail Mix

Easy Halloween snacks for kids: The spooky trail mix

Super easy and quick, simply mix raisins, candy sweets, peanuts, cereal and whatever else you think will tickle the caller’s taste buds.

Add a small portion of the mix to cupcake liners, so you can hand out individual servings to each door knocker that pays a spooky visit.

This easy Halloween snack recipe is not just simple to make, it looks good, costs very little and goes a long way.

Orange Candy Cupcakes

Orange Halloween cupcake with spooky topping

Simply make an average cupcake in the usual way, adding orange or green icing to the top.

Then place Halloween-themed candy pieces on to the frosting. Jelly bats and witches will add a ghoulish hint to what would be an average cupcake.

Healthy Halloween Snacks

Fun Halloween pumpkin head with hand drawn face.As is the case with most celebrations, Halloween is all about over-indulging in your favorite foods – usually candy and other sweet treats.

However, if, for whatever reason you fancy throwing a Halloween party with a healthy twist, there is no reason why your buffet table cannot reflect this.

In fact, Halloween party snacks don’t have to be about stuffing yourself with chocolate bar or candy corn.

Seasonal treats can be tasty, as well as pack a nutritional punch.

For example, pumpkin seeds, banana and apple snacks and sweet potato chips all make great alternatives to high-in-fat snacks.

Kickin’ Energy Mix

Fill a bowl with e.g. apple pieces, pumpkin seeds, dates, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, peanuts, blueberries or whatever healthy snacks you may have to make an energy mix your Halloween party guests will enjoy.

Ingredients for healthy Halloween mix: nuts, berries, seeds, apple

Healthy kids snacks for Halloween

Sprinkle with cinnamon to add a sweet twist, or if you are feeling brave add a prepared spice rub to add a little heat.

This Halloween snack recipe offers taste and nutritional value.

Spooky Bloody Halloween Fingers

These bloody fingers wrapped in bandages (wholegrain tortilla) are just so realistic, that my son yelled, ‘Mom, they’re just gross’. Now, that’s a compliment when we’re talking Halloween snacks 😉

And they’re really simple to do. You just need three ingredients: sausages, tortilla (you can do wholegrain if you want a healthier version) and ketchup.

Ingredients for Halloween fingers: tortilla, sausages and ketchup

How to make the nails on the bloody snack fingers

The above picture shows how to cut out the hole for the nails that you will fill with bloody red nail polish (ketchup).

Three bloody Halloween fingers in badages

And voila, here are three creepy, disgusting bloody sausage fingers that my son despite his disgust, found irresistible. 😉

Of course, many of the Halloween snack recipes already listed are healthy enough or you can switch out certain ingredients to make a healthier alternative.

You will probably find that your children are more willing to try healthy snacks that are part of a Halloween theme.

Therefore, it is a good idea to introduce new food or healthy snack ideas into your Halloween buffet so you can make positive changes to their eating habits once the celebrations are over.

Warning – Most parents will be expecting their mini trick-or-treaters to receive candy during their Halloween expedition.

It is important therefore, if you plan to give out snacks, that you let the parents and / or children know exactly what is in any Halloween snack recipe.

This will avoid your Halloween snacks having negative effects on the children. For example, children who suffer from nut or dairy allergies could suffer potentially dangerous side effects if they eat treats containing either product.

For this reason, try to have a small selection of Halloween treats for the children to choose from and that way everyone has a Happy, and healthy, Halloween.

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