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Growing up in the Years of the ‘Frying’ 80’s – Vegetables … What’s That?

As a child who grew up in the 80s, I can safely say that I wasn’t brought up on the best diet ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t remember ever having a takeaway, except the add bit of my mother’s Chinese on a weekend, like the kids do these days.

No, my diet consisted of purely “home-made” fare – which loosely translated to my mother as fry everything.

I remember real home-made chips, fried eggs, fried sausages, fried fish fingers with a traditional Sunday roast to round off the week that gave me a glimpse of those strange things others called “vegetables”.

While by today’s standards this may seem like child abuse, it is nothing more than a sign of the times. Nutrition and healthy eating for children simply wasn’t as researched as it is now and all the affordable foods for struggling families were those that went easily in the chip or frying pan.

My Sweet Family and Our Individual and Sometimes Quirky Taste Buds

My name is Gemma and I live with my son.

I am lucky in that my son is not what I would describe as really fussy eater.

My Decision to Explore the Healthy Route

While cooking and cleaning for my little family is often exhausting, I made the decision a long time ago that my kid would have as healthy a diet as possible – and he does.

It isn’t always easy, in fact when I have been running around all day, doing school runs and trying to keep on top of the housework, throwing a less than healthy meal together is very tempting.

However, one thing I have learned is that making healthy snacks for kids and even meals does not have to be time consuming or expensive – in fact, it can even be easier and cheaper as I have found myself.

Healthy eating is important to me and therefore I went to bring my child up with the same view. Of course, getting children to eat healthy can be a challenge, especially if they have friends who are eating things they are not allowed.

It is also harder to sell the benefits of eating healthy to children, who are rarely bothered about issues such as weight and general health until they are much older. Of course, I understand the importance of letting my child have a naughty treat every now and again but the truth is he actually much prefers some of the healthy snack ideas I have come up with over the years.

My Purpose with This Healthy Snacks for Kids Website: Inspire Children to Love Healthy Foods

My primary focus for my website is to share what I have learned about children and healthy eating, including everything from making healthy snacks for toddlers to providing hints on helping older children appreciate healthy food.

As with all parents, encouraging my child to be as enthusiastic as me about some of the recipes and concoctions I have prepared in my time has been difficult at times but I have also experienced great success.

I hope to provide the information to help other parents and caregivers offer their children a healthier menu too.

Bon appétit 😉

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